Bricklayers and House Builders in Warrington | What Do Builders Do?

The role of the everyday building contractor varies based on individual skill sets. Some tradesmen will be domestic builders, but others might work as commercial builders. There are many who will only have a single speciality area, such as bricklayers, roofers or hard landscapers. More still will have experience as house builders, or they might specialise in conversions or the construction of house extensions.

How do domestic and commercial property owners in Warrington, or developers, find the right company of building contractors to work on a project when they have so many trades to choose from?

Here, AK Brickwork explains the differences between house builders, general building contractors and bricklayers.

House Builders

Keep in mind that house builders work on more than just new homes. They also have experience in house extensions because, although the scale of the build is smaller, the fundamental working practices stay the same. If you want to add an extension to a property in Warrington, a house builder should be your very first port of call. Just keep in mind you might need other tradesmen for different stages of the job.

To support a house builder, you will almost certainly need to hire general building contractors to provide a labour force, bricklayers to construct the shell, electricians and plumbers to provide light, water and heating, and plasterers to finish wall and ceiling surfaces to an acceptable standard.

Because we offer a full in-house service and supply all of the trades you need, the only other hiring you might have to consider for new builds or house extensions in Warrington is an electrician or a plumber.

AK Brickwork has everything else covered, and we trade as one of the region’s most trusted domestic and commercial builders.

Building Contractors

General building contractors are the backbone of our sector, and most provide the labour needed to help specialist tradesmen such as house builders, bricklayers and roofers. They play an important role in the construction of new builds, house extensions and property conversions, and often have a wide range of skills to bring to the table.

These skills can include carpentry, joinery and more. A wider skill set makes it possible for property owners in Warrington, and businesses, to choose a single company of building contractors to manage a project from outset to completion.

AK Brickwork can supply projects with building contractors, and with supervisors who carry SSSTS black cards.


Most of our prospective customers in the Warrington area think of bricklayers as tradesmen who construct the outer shells of new builds and house extensions. Most domestic and commercial builders have bricklayers in their teams, as do we. A bricklayer can actually work on a much wider range of projects and will usually have experience in stonemasonry too. In fact, construction is just one small aspect of the job.

Hard landscaping is another, and bricklayers can create garden centrepieces using hard materials as well as retaining or perimeter walls. A bricklayer can even work on chimneys.

The term “building contractor” might be universal for our trade, but it only really scratches the surface of what different personnel can do. House builders and bricklayers are most definitely specialists, and some companies prefer to deal as either domestic builders or commercial builders. There’s an awful lot to consider when looking for a service provider.

AK Brickwork can bring you the personnel, and the skills, to cover it all. If you need to discuss new builds, house extensions, conversions, refurbishments or renovations, we can help. Our company is a one-stop service provider with the operational scope, and the experience needed, to bring projects in Warrington home on time, inside budget and to an exceptionally high standard.

To discuss new builds, house extensions and conversions in Warrington, call our domestic and commercial builders on 07468 910244.