New Builds vs House Extensions in St Helens | The Reliable House Builder

At AK Brickwork, we often meet prospective customers from the St Helens area who can’t decide between moving home, or from opting to stay put and investing into one of our house extensions. From the perspective of domestic building contractors, we will always talk you through the benefits of extending a home. Because we work as house builders too, we can explain why, in some cases, a new build might be better.

Wherever you find yourself positioned, we use our 65+ years of combined experience, as domestic and commercial builders, to help you make informed decisions.

We also supply you with all the trades you need, including bricklayers, to make the development of new builds and house extensions, anywhere in St Helens, a complete success.

The Space Dilemma

Growing families, and their personal possessions, limit room space quickly and the situation only worsens as children get older and need their own bedrooms. Lifestyles change too and, in an age where more of us than ever work from home, our building contractors regularly meet property homeowners who need more space to create a productive home office.

Moving to a new, larger build resolves these issues, but cost is a factor for many people in the St Helens area. The same is true for house extensions, however, and there is little point in paying for building contractors, bricklayers and materials if it costs more to construct an extension than the return on investment you’ll make.

Add in that a move to a new home could take you out of a good school catchment area, and there’s plenty to consider. At AK Brickwork, we understand the dilemma you face. Some domestic and commercial builders don’t, and only see as far as their own bottom lines.

We’re different, and we promise to treat you with fairness, dignity and respect.

Making a Suitable Choice

If you live in a flat, a bespoke property from our house builders, or a home in a new development, might be a better choice because you won’t have garden space to sacrifice for one of our house extensions. You may, however, have loft space with enough options to convert. Our building contractors specialise in dormer, mansard and hip-to-gable loft conversions. Because we also have bricklayers on our team, we can convert garages and barns too.

Please keep these alternatives in mind. 

Homeowners in St Helens with garden space to spare can start to take house extensions seriously. Businesses who wish to use us as commercial builders can also give up land space for the construction of external covered areas. In fact, business clients benefit in the same way as homeowners with an extension of some sort because it eliminates the expense, the hassle and the upheaval of moving.

Using house builders, building contractors and bricklayers to construct new properties, in terms of price, far outweighs the cost of using them to build house extensions. 

The final choice always lies with our St Helens customers, but we promise to provide you with all the advice you need to make the right decision. Because we trade as domestic and commercial builders, we know the respective worlds of new builds and house extensions well. Our job is to help you make the right choice and, once you’ve made it, to also make the transitional period as simple, as straightforward and as hassle free as possible.

To discuss new builds and house extensions in St Helens, call our building contractors on 07468 910244.